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The two class presentations on political campaigns showed the potential social media has in getting political support. The question remains does social media alone lead to followers/support? Probably not. A strong message + social media might, however.

What is a call for action?

A call to action can take form as an image or line of text. It prompts your followers to take some kind of action. The action you want people to take can the be anything: sign up to volunteer, attend a meeting, donate money, call a legislator, you name it!

How do you craft a message that will result in followers or action?

While this topic is as complex as complex can get, below I summarize some tips listed online. I also highlight tools that will help in your call to action.

Step one: You need a strong, clear and concise call to action that will answer the questions of “Now What? What do I do Next?”.  Check out the list of popular call to action phrases composed by HJMT, a Public Relations and Social Media Agency.

Step two: Make your call to action stand out visually. The Social Media Examiner has a great piece on where to position your calls to action (top and bottom of text), use the “Don’t make me think approach”. Socialmediatoday also discusses the best locations for call actions.

Step three: Equip your public with the immediate tools needed in your call to action, if possible. For example, if you want your followers to call their legislator, make sure you include how they can find their legislator.

Step four: As an analyst, I cannot highlight enough the importance of evaluating your call to action. If your call to action is not achieving its results, don’t be afraid to test another one, until you find the one that best suits your needs. You need to find what appeals to your audience, and depending on your mission it may require  your call to action to have a specific form.

Other great sources to help you create the most effective call to action:

 [Infographic] Social calls-to-action work 

HubSpot’s 101 effective calls-to-action

Keep in mind this list does not cover all there is to know about calls to action. However, it provides you with the basic information to help you think about key steps in creating your call to action.

By: Rosario Plascencia